AVGenius Review BGBC

AVGenius Review BGBC

Then along came AV Genius!

We wanted a complete replacement of our audio system.  Everything from the stage to the Sound Booth.  And in my opinion, AV Genius was the best team to make this happen.  They will not sell you the most expensive equipment on the market (unless that's what you request!), but they will recommend the best equipment available within a reasonable price. Greg took the time to interview myself and our Worship leader.  He wanted to know exactly what we were looking for, and that is exactly what we received!

After years of struggling with a failing analog system, they moved me into the digital age. Greg allowed me to work with them during the entire installation process and they answered all my questions. Greg is a great teacher.  He has years of experience and a vast wealth of knowledge of the Audio/Video world.  But he also has the ability to speak at my level. 

And now I am “On the team” as Greg put it.  If I have any questions or problems with our new system, Greg and Darla are just a phone call away.

I will also mention, these people are Christians.  They know Christ as their personal saviors.  I'm so happy that God has put us together on this journey.