Church in Irving, Texas

Church in Irving, Texas

From the outset, you could tell that they were very knowledgeable. They came onsite and did a walkthrough, noted our expectations, presented us with several options, and we soon moved forward with the project. I'd like to note that we have used other vendors in the past, and we also got other bids for this project. Although the others did a nice job, their knowledgeability and quality of equipment were nowhere near to what AV Genius proposed.

Their installation team was knowledgeable, professional, and did a great job. The wiring was done cleanly, and they even left extra terminations for us to help with future expansion. 

Once the building opened for services, our congregation was amazed with how beautiful the stage lighting and projection looked, and they were blown away by the clarity (and power!) of the sound. I believe it's safe to say we exceeded everyone's expectations.

We invited Greg back to conduct a seminar for our technical teams. In the few hours we had, he was able to share a wealth of information, and our teams gained an incredible amount of understanding into the physics of how sound works and how it affects the mix. We plan to have him back soon for more sessions.

Recently, we also asked AV Genius for help with our livestream production and cameras. Till today, every single equipment has worked great and improved our streaming experience immensely. Other churches now ask us how our setup is configured!

AV Genius came through for us. I highly recommend them to any organization for their audio, visual, lighting or video production needs. They did a fantastic job for us, and we plan to use them again in the future.